Ms. Anita Lawrence
( The Director )

Dear Aspirants,

The world used to be a large place, quite unconnected, only a few decades earlier. The language that one spoke in his/her hometown was sufficient for anybody. In today’s scenario, however, as a result of the rapid evolution of science and technology, the world has drawn closer together, therefore calling for the need of learning different languages. The availability of employment opportunities worldwide has ushered in a new era of change. The importance of learning English in this new era is at its peak because the countries that are offering the most employment opportunities are English-speaking countries. 

At LSE, our aim is not just to teach you English that is just enough for you to clear your IELTS, as most other centres often do. We work with our students at such a level, that the lessons learnt to remain for a lifetime. In fact, our motto at the LSE is “English For Life”. God Bless!


Mr. Tejinderjit Singh
( Director Operations )
  • Mr Tejinderjit Singh is working as Executive Director with Regina Soccer Association, Canada. His job requires him to deal with around 4000 kids daily.


  • He has taken up the additional responsibility of being the Director Operations of The Trinity School, Asalpur, Punjab.
  • His guidance has proved to be a boon for us as he always motivates us with his innovative ideas.