The Lawrence School of English is a prominent IELTS, Basic English, and Personality Development centre, and has been delivering excellent results for the past 4 years. Our Pioneers have extensive experience of over 30 years in the field of Education, English being their main subject of expertise. We not only work with students to better their speaking skills, but also counsel them so that they can better cope with the stress that’s involved in appearing for an IELTS test. We believe that a personalised approach to teaching is far more effective than sitting in a large hall with numerous students in attendance.

Our Methodology
  • To assess the English Language skills of a candidate with a diagnostic test.
  • Further, keeping a candidate’s requirement in mind, suggest a suitable course.
  • We employ audio-visual aids and all other modern method of teaching.
  • We work passionately to keep aware of the latest developments in IELTS and English language teaching.
  • We believe in teaching English skills for life, not just for test.